Marissa - your travel curator!

I am a travel curator, delicious food finder, and destination photographer. Currently obsessed with yoga, puppies and cold pressed coffee.


When my husband and I get home from a vacation, we have moments where we reminisce saying "do you remember that small town we drove through where we picked up some of the best wine for only a few euros" or "that tiny hole in the wall spot that we accidentally found had the best gelato I think I have ever tasted." If you are like us, you may have found that price doesn't always mean top quality, and not everything is on the top travel sites.


My goal is to help you discover those hidden gems across the globe and also to show you ways to make those tourist attractions less touristy. I want each vacation you take to feel like it was perfectly curated for you. That could mean buying tickets ahead to skip lines, suggesting restaurants off the beaten path, or using the side entrance - we will find it and share it with you!


\(ˌ)ä-ˈprā, ˈä-ˌprā; ˈa-ˌ\

From french après meaning after


at·las \ˈat-ləs\

A bound collection of maps often including illustrations, informative tables, or textual matter

After you spin your globe and pick a place on the map, I hope to help make your vacation to that destination the best that it could possibly be!

Why Après Atlas?