If you are like me, packing can be stressful. Below are my top 10 tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed during those days leading up to your trip!

  1. Use good luggage. This makes a huge difference for so many reasons. Three things to look for when shopping for luggage: light, spacious and sturdy. It might sound intuitive, double check that your carry-on bags that meet TSA requirements. If you like to check your luggage, use a bag that is still light, but maximizes space perchance you shop on your vacation and need that extra room. Here are a few of my favorite luggage pieces: Cuyana Weekender, Mark and Graham Carry-On, Tumi Luggage and this Sole Society Weekender.

  2. Organize your toiletries ahead of time. If that means buying doubles of your products, do it! It will decrease stress during the day of departure when you are trying to get ready and pack at the same time.

  3. If you are bringing a hat, try stuffing scarves or clean socks into it so it doesn't loose it's shape in your luggage. Also, stick your socks in your boots and shoes to save space!

  4. Pack all of your pressurized and liquid toiletries in plastic resealable bags. Always toss in a few extra bags perchance something leaks on your way to your destination so you can replace them for your journey home.

  5. If you are traveling internationally, many countries require at least six months left on your passport to get into their country. Double check your passport is up to date so you don't have a problem at customs.

My last 5 are dedicated to what to take with you on the plane. I used to pack way too much into my purse or tote, but those days are over. Below are my carry-on essentials for a stress-free travel day.

  1. If I am checking my luggage, here are a few carry-on bags that I like that fit all of my essentials: Tory Burch Tote, Madewell Satchel, Longchamp Tote, and this blush B.P. Tote.

  2. Pack a cashmere wrap or shawl. A blanket scarf will also do the trick. Airplanes and airports can get chilly and you can use it as a wrap or a blanket.

  3. Invest in good headphones. This will make all of the difference when you are trying to watch that movie on the plane or just need some peace and quite. I recommend these noise-cancelling headphones, which also happen to be aesthetically pleasing.

  4. Pack your most essential makeup/toiletries with you on the plane. I always toss my essential products in a small clear bag (like this one) so that if my luggage is lost or something leaks in my checked bag, I don't have to worry about finding a replacement, which can sometimes be difficult in a foreign country.

  5. Last on my list, but one of the most important, is a good book. I love to read on planes because you have no distractions. It is time when I actually feel justified to log-off for several hours and dive into a good book. (I have so many good book recommendations, but I will save that for another post!)

I hope these 10 tips help you as you pack for your next trip! Bon Voyage!

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