February 25, 2018


We have been going to Mont-Tremblant for years, because we love the skiing, but we especially love the village. Some say it looks like Whoville (aka: Cindy Lou Who's hometown) with all of the brightly colored rooftops and snowy sidewalks. Other say it looks like Disneyland with the cobblestone streets. Everyone is so friendly, the shops and restaurants are varied and delicious, and there is so much to do other than ski in this tiny mountain village. You can visit Tremblant for a weekend or a week and never run out of things to do so I put together some of our favorite spots.




  • Fairmont Tremblant: If you like to hit the slopes, hop in the jacuzzi and grab a cocktail in the evening, this hotel has the whole package. You can snap on your skis as soon as you open the front door. It also has several indoor and outdoor pools and jacuzzis that are open all year long – the perfect way to warm up after a long day of skiing. If you snag a room that faces the slopes you can see how busy the mountain is and watch the skiers and snowboarders fly by from the warmth of your room. The Fairmont also recently renovated their lobby, spa and restaurants to be a bit more modern, but with a rustic twist to them. We especially enjoyed their breakfast buffet more than once!

  • Hilton Homewood Suites: This option is a great choice for families because all of the rooms are suites. Each room is spacious, has a fireplace and many have two stories, almost like a loft for your bedroom and then downstairs is a kitchenette and living room area. This location is about as close as you can get to the mountain without being ski-in/ski-out which makes it slightly more affordable. 

  • Sommet des Neiges: This hotel is also ski-in/ski-out and an added bonus is that the first floor of the hotel has a large rental shop as well as the Tremblant Activity Center. One thing to note is that their outdoor pool is closed in the winter, but they usually have the outdoor hot tub open. All of their rooms are also suites and many also face the mountain. 

  • There are also many affordable Airbnb options in the area as well that offer a range of prices and sizes. Just make sure when you search by location, you type in "Mont Tremblant Ski Resort" and not just "Mont-Tremblant" because there are several locations in the area that share that name.




  • La Forge Bistro Bar: Located at the Southern base of the mountain, this eatery has delicious nachos and a good selection of beer. All you need to do is pop off your skis and in 5 steps you are inside. This is a hot spot for many skiers and boarders to grab a few drinks after a long day on the mountain.

  • Le Shack: Right next to La Forge is Le Shack, a great place for kids and adults alike. They have floor to ceiling trees inside that look realistic. The drinks and food are delicious: anything from poutine with cheese curds and gravy to healthy salads. Their pitchers are cheap and their service is quick. In the spring, this is also a great spot to grab your beer and sit outside in an Adirondack chair to soak up some sunshine.

  • Axe Lounge Bar: Looking out over the base of the mountain in the Fairmont Hotel, this bar is a bit more upscale than La Forge and Le Shack, but go anytime in the afternoon and you will not look odd showing up in your ski gear for a glass of wine or an old fashioned.

  • Veuve Clicquot Champagne Ice Bar: This little gem is only open from 4-6pm at the Fairmont Thursday to Sunday in the winter, but it is well worth it. They set up fire pits and drape fur blankets over the Adirondack chairs to keep you warm. If you are feeling a bit too chilly you can always grab a hot chocolate or coffee right inside to keep you toasty warm.




  • La Savoie: The most extensive and authentic fondue and raclette restaurant I have ever seen (other than in Switzerland). Be prepared because, as you walk through the front door the scent of cheese will greet you. Here you can get your usual cheese fondue or you can order cheese raclette, which means they bring out half a wheel of cheese attached to a heater, which causes the cheese to melt and roll down onto your plate full of different meats, potatoes and vegetables. They also have chocolate and wine fondue, which in my book is always a good idea.

  • Microbrasserie La Diable: You will find tasty burger combinations and a great selection of craft beer options at this eatery. Located in the center of town, this is a casual spot to grab some great food and drink!

  • La Maison de la Crêpe: Since Tremblant is located in Quebec, you will encounter a heavy french influence throughout the entire city including this particular spot. With savory and sweet crêpes on the menu, there is never a bad time to go here for a bite. 

  • Brunch buffet at the Fairmont Hotel: This is a great way to start your day before you hit the slopes. They have a full buffet that reminds me the most of luxury european hotel breakfasts with meats & cheeses, salmon, omelets, and even crêpes!

  • Pizzaterria: This is a great spot for the whole family to grab some delicious pizza! They have fresh salads and a good wine selection too. We always find ourselves going back here a few times to try the wide array of pizzas.


  • Café Johannsen: Located at the southern base of the mountain, at this happening spot, the large cappuccino comes in a soup bowl!

  • Au Grain de Café: Tucked away from the main path, this is definitly the cutest coffee shop in the village and deserves to be sought out after a long day of skiing. Their pasteries and hot chocolate are amazing in addition to their coffee. 



  • Usually you can order your lift passes online ahead of time to get a cheaper rate than what you will find at the window by the base of the mountain. Also, if you plan to take a lesson, you can buy a package deal for your equipment rental, ski pass and lesson ticket. You can also check Liftopia to see if they are offering any discounts as well.

  • If you stay at the Fairmont, you get access to hit the slopes before everyone else at 7:45AM. You also get free ice-skating rentals and a free toboggan run.

  • Stop at the grocery store outside Mont-Tremblant on your way to the mountain to pick up whatever snacks and drinks you will need during your stay. Although there is a general store in the village, it can be a little pricey especially for alcohol.


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