This past spring my husband and I took a trip to Scotland, a place neither of us had ever been before and we discovered some interesting bits of knowledge along the way that I want to share with you. The first stop on our trip was Edinburgh, so I am sharing 3 surprising finds in the capital of Scotland.

1. An unbeatable food scene: Edinburgh has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the UK. There is some very unique food in this city and so much we were not able to try. Just another reason we decided we have to return here someday!

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Outsider: There is no entry sign so don't be fooled by this inconspicuous entrance. The food is delicious and their tea is perfect on a windy day. Slip in for a late lunch and ask for a seat by the window with views the Castle or stop by for a candle-lit dinner. Neither will disappoint.

  • Gannet & Guga: This was our go-to breakfast spot pretty much everyday. It was built into a stone archway below Jeffery Street - literally a hole-in-the-wall! Their gourmet sandwiches and pastries along side piping hot coffee hit the spot every morning considering it was April and still very chilly.

  • The Witchery: On the Royal Mile, this is a bit of a hot spot for visitors, but the gothic character of this eatery is unimaginable and worth every penny. The food and wine list are top-notch and the atmosphere is the perfect place to eat your last meal in this city to give you a perfect taste of authentic Scottish cuisine.

  • Oink: Who would have thought that pulled pork would be an amazing find in Scotland? We definitely did not, but this tiny place is worth seeking out. They are known for their "hog roast rolls" with are essentially pulled pork and haggis sandwiches. Don't knock it till you try it, especially topped with their apple or chili jam!

2. Craft Gin: Being in Scotland, we were surprised to find we partook in more gin tastings than scotch tastings. My personal favorite was a raspberry infused gin with tonic. A great spot to pick up a dram or a bite is at Devil's Advocate. Located in an old victorian pump house down Advocate's Close, it might be a bit difficult to find, but it is absolutely worth the search!

3. Harry Potter Haven: If you are or were a Harry Potter fan during any point in your life, you will enjoy visiting Edinburgh. J.K. Rowling lived here when she wrote the books and you can even visit the coffee shop she frequented back in her writing days. Rowling based Diagon Alley on Victoria Street and Candlemaker Row, both of which are located downtown. You can also visit the tombstone of Thomas Riddell and a man named McGonagall in Greyfriars Kirkyard nearby.

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