Something I was worried about when we got our first dog was if it was going to limit our freedom to travel. All I can say is that she has been a wonderful travel companion since we got her. When we first picked Mollie up as a puppy, we had to fly back to California with a connecting flight (she is a midwestern girl like me). That first trip was definitely the most difficult because she was not potty trained at the time, so I can confidently say, every trip has gotten easier since then.

First, I will give you a few tips about flying with your dog. Make sure you book your flights early and check your airlines' policy for pets. Most airlines charge you an extra fee for bringing your pet (especially if it is not a therapy or service dog). Also, most airlines limit the number of pets on a single flight, sometimes only two, so when you book your flight, you should immediately call the airline and let them know you are bringing your pet to ensure your cuddly friend can fly with you. They might ask you the size of your pet carrier bag as well. Before you leave for your trip, check online to see where the pet relief areas are located in the airports where you are flying in and out of - this is especially helpful if you have a connection. My last recommendation about flying with your dog is to make sure you pack lots of bones and treats!

Mollie's latest airport adventure!

Mollie's first airport adventure!

Road trips with dogs are also surprisingly fun! Last year we went to San Francisco, Yosemite, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Palm Springs and a few other places with our dog. We had to stop a few more times than we usually would to find a park or patch of grass, but it was totally worth it.

When we were in Santa Barbara, we knew we wanted to hit up a few restaurants and sights that were not dog friendly so we pre-booked a dog sitter. There are lot of different ways you can go about this, but the one we have liked and used the most is Rover. You can get $20 off your first dog-sitter on Rover by clicking here. We have used Rover at home and on vacation for Mollie since she was a puppy and we LOVE IT!

Our favorite (or should I say, Mollie's favorite) vacation spot was Napa. It was surprisingly very dog friendly and a wonderful place to spend a long weekend. We had to do a little more research about which wineries would allow dogs, but those that do, were some of our favorites. Click here to see all of our hotel, restaurant and winery recommendations in Napa.

Although bringing a dog on vacation might take a little more planning, it has made our trips over the past year that much more memorable. Dog friendly hotels are also surprisingly popular and many give you a dog bed and sometimes treats!

Mollie in Santa Barbara

I also put together a few of my favorite dog travel accessories for you!

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